Are you itching to do some traveling, but think that it’s not possible because you are stuck with a boring 9-5 job? The good news is that you can actually get paid to travel! Here’s how to make money online whilst traveling.

Get A Work At Home

Many individuals are leaving their office jobs and turning to work at home jobs for their main source of income. One of the great things about some of these jobs is that you can work wherever you have access to the internet. This means that if your home is in a tent in Colorado or in an RV in Australia, you can still make a living. These jobs aren’t as hard to come by as you might think. Fiverr for example has a variety of freelance jobs that you can compete while traveling, no matter where in the world you are.

Start A Travel Blog

If you have a serious love for traveling and want to share it with others, you can start a travel blog. It’s not as difficult as you might think and even if you are a novice when it comes to starting a blog, you can easily create one in no time. It’s a good idea to take a class that has to do with blogging or to research other travel bloggers to see what their blog looks like. Just remember that it may take a little bit of time to make money. You will need to dedicate a lot of your time in order to make your blog successful. You will have to create content that others want to read and promote your blog on social media. However, if you dedicate a lot of your time to your travel blog, you should be able to make money off of it which you can use towards your travel adventures.

Provide Skype Lessons

Do you have a particular skill that you can teach others online? If so, you can easily provide Skype lessons online and make money in the process. Things like piano lessons, art lessons or even computer lessons can all be provided online. Even if you don’t have a particular skill, you can provide English lessons to those that are trying to learn the language. If you do provide these types of lessons, just make sure that you get payment beforehand through websites that allow mobile payments like Venmo or PayPal.

Make Travel Videos

For those that go to cool places and like to take videos of them, they can post them online and make money in the process. Websites like YouTube allow you to link your account to AdSense and get paid by posting monetized videos. Even if you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can easily make one and enable it for monetization. After doing so, you will need to post videos that others will want to see and promote your YouTube channel in order to gain followers and make money online whilst traveling.