Guadeloupe is an eclectic mix of French influence in an equally vibrant Caribbean atmosphere. This archipelago on the Eastern side of the Caribbean is better known as the “Butterfly Island” because of the two main twin islands joined by a mangrove forest shaped into the multi-colored insect. Living up to its name, this group of island is a metamorphosis of adventures from white sandy Guadeloupe beaches to diverse topology perfectly surrounded by the azure blue seas. Each island has a surprise in store for every tourist making an almost limitless exploration no matter how short the vacation will be.


The eastern wing of Grand Tierra is composed of a string of long sandy stretches of Guadeloupe beaches with every variety of fun under the sun imaginable. Not to mention, the warm tropical weather and the beautiful waves adds to the charm of beach expanses studded with lush palm trees. That is why a trip to the Caribbean is a holiday which is always unforgettable. Anse St. Marguerite is flocked by tourist because of the promise of a snorkelling paradise. Not too far away, Anse Maurice is littered with shady spreads and food stands perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Point Tarare is a unique experience because of its assurance of naked fun under a relaxed atmosphere. Plage de Raisins is popular especially for locals because of its shallow waters. Salako Beach is another frequent destination because of its seclusion.


 Things to Do

Despite what may seem like as a scattered group of islands, the things to do are within easy reach from Guadeloupe resorts. A sugarcane agriculture haven, rum distillery is a popular industry making the Musee de Rhum trips and rum tasting impossible to miss. Alternatively, a day tour of the capital city of Basse-Terre is a chance to be taken down memory lane with formidable forts that date as far back as 1643. The six-acre botanical garden in Petit Bourg is a feast for the eyes with over 100 species of flora and fauna in the backdrop of the twin majestic mountains of Mamelle de Petit Bourg and Mamelle de Pigeon. Parc National de la Guadeloupe is biosphere reserve with trails of different degrees of difficulty for everyone to enjoy. Equally popular is gambling facilities in Gosier and St. Francois opens from 9 pm to 3 am.


The colourful markets of numerous spices and fresh produce are in itself an attraction found almost everywhere. You need not go far from the Guadeloupe resorts you stay in to enjoy a shopping splurge. Supermarches or supermarkets have sprouted all over the island adapting to the growing tourism. Malls and boutiques sell luxurious French-made products from jewellery, china, crystal and clothing. Traditional markets, especially in Point-a-Pitre, made up of open bazaars are haggling meccas.


I guess by now your excitement for exploring this corner of the world have been sparked, one last top tip make sure you get a great deal on your mode of transport. Plan your cheap flight Caribbean early and get the best deal available.

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